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Arden AJ20 Rear Bumper Kit for XKR / XKR-S

Arden AJ20 Rear Bumper Kit for XKR / XKR-S


The Arden Rear Bumper Kit significantly enhances the rear view of the XK/R/S. It includes the Arden Rear Bumper (AAK 90001 B), Arden Sport Rear Muffler (AAK 90209 C) and the mesh to close the aerodynamic vents on the sides of the bumper. The kit also fits the Jaguar XKR-S. All Arden body components are made of premium fiber glas carbon compound. They are wind tunnel tested and optimized to fit the vehicle perfectly.

Please provide the VIN of your vehicle when ordering. Recommended with the AJ 20 Front Bumper


Delivery: 15-20 Days

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