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Arden Leaper

Arden Leaper

The legendary bonnet mascot has been the trademark of every Jaguar in the early years of the brand. During the 1980s Arden was the first company to develop a patented safety fastening for the mascot that met the strict regulations of the German TUEV. The mascot has a length of 12cm, just like the original, and is an expression of German craftsmanship and love for detail.. Quality made in Germany. * Lifelong corrosion warranty * Exclusive safety fastening * Fast and easy installation * Removable with one grip The original Arden Leaper features a sophisticated security fixing and a TUEV certificate. It will be delivered in an exclusive gift box. Lifetime corrosion warranty Arden grants a lifelong corrosion warranty for all leapers bought after 11/2011. If your leapers starts to rust we will replace it for free. The warranty does not apply if the leaper has been damaged. The warranty is only valid to the original purchaser with presentation of the original invoice. Installation The Arden leaper is fixed using screws.

Delivery: 2-3 Tage

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