Collection: XK8/XKR (1996 - 2005)

The Arden exterior components are manufactured with precision by hand and significantly enhance the look of the XK8. Arden offers three different optimization variants for the XK 8: the Arden AJ 14, the Arden AJ 15 A-Type and the Arden AJ 16 A-Type Lightweigth RS.

The AJ 14 gets its impressive look from a complete aerodynamics package consisting of a front and rear apron, side skirts and a discreet rear spoiler. In addition to an impressive appearance, the package also ensures greater contact pressure and thus better driving performance. The classic handcrafted, highly polished Arden stainless steel grilles optimize engine and brake cooling.

Arden stands for first-class tuning, high-quality refinement and individual conversions

Of course, Arden also supplies you with individually manufactured add-on parts and accessories for your vehicle according to your wishes